Ephemeral architecture
Client: Vallée de Joux Tourisme

As part of the Tour de France cycling race in the Joux Valley, the tourist office and its partners wanted to mark the event by setting up an ephemeral installation visible from the sky. The objective: to promote the cultural, natural and industrial heritage of the region.

This ephemeral architecture, proposes a sculpture symbolising the geometry of the ring. This form, directly linked to cycling, also refers to the watchmaking heritage of the Joux Valley. Made up of 5 km of wooden sticks (20 cubic meters) from local forests (cut to less than 2km), the installation, once dismantled, will be used in the field of construction and will therefore not generate any waste.

The installation, designed to be revealed to television viewers by aerial images during the passage of the Tour de France, is also intended to be interactive for those who visit the site. Thus, by following the interior path, an exhibition of the local illustrator Jaques Vallotton, alias Valott, can be discovered.

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