LIMBE — Fog catcher

Fabien Roy, 2017

Atmospheric water vapor is a drinking water resource still poorly exploited. Materials having a good infrared emissivity cool down at night and condense the vapor.
Desert regions suffering from drought and having little access to drinking water resources  are yet areas where the air can be strongly charged with moisture. Wether via moisture from the ocean (coastal deserts of Namib, Chile, Peru) or via the dew (continental deserts), these regions have a surprinsingly favorable climate for these crops.

The aim of “Limbe” project is to propose a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) structure for its properties (good infrared emissivity, hydrophobic material, low price) who can be produced locally by 3D printing.

Inspired by tree leaves structures, the frame is thought with a defined geometry and inclination to allow the drop of water to form. Then water flows towards the central axis and run off into the bottle. The perforated cap located at the base of the palm allows the water to be introduced by gravity in standardized bottles.


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